CII-AP chairperson Suchitra Ella expresses concern over power supply scenario

Expressing concern over problems in power supply, Confederation of Indian Industry (AP) chairperson Suchitra K. Ella said the present industrial situation was ‘not very promising’ in the State and it was true there were a few instances of industries going away to other States because of the existing scenario.

When she said there was hope for improvement in the coming months considering the expected grid connectivity and prevailing power supply problems all over the country, a delegate at the meeting complained that power cuts were up to 40 per cent in Andhra Pradesh while it was just around 10 per cent in other States. Ms. Suchitra later clarified that the situation was 5 to 10 per cent better in neighbouring States when compared to Andhra Pradesh, as monsoon also had failed this year.

“It is proving very difficult now. This is why the CII has communicated these problems to the government. The MPs have also been contacted over this seeking their intervention at the national level,” she said.

During an interaction after addressing the CII meet on ‘Industrial growth prospects in Nellore district’ here on Tuesday, Ms. Suchitra said once the grid connectivity became a reality, there would be some relief with regard to power problems. She pointed out that the CII set up a special task force which made short, medium and long term measures to improve power supply situation in the State.

The CII stepped up its membership drive in AP where it had nearly 500 members as of now. With a zonal office already present in Visakhapatnam, the CII AP chapter was planning to open another zonal office in Vijayawada soon.