To evaluate pollution response

Kakinada: The Indian Coast Guard has conducted the pollution response exercise off the Kakinada coast near Hope Island on Wednesday to evaluate the response capability and revalidate response procedures.

In the massive pollution response exercise, two advanced offshore patrol vessels, one fast patrol vessel, two Dornier aircrafts and two helicopters of the Coast Guard participated.

Representatives of various agencies involved in production, handling and transportation of crude oil in the area also took part in the exercise. The Coast Guard regional pollution team demonstrated the capability of different types of pollution response equipment under its possession. The Coast Guard authorities said that suitable steps to reduce the response time, enhance equipment availability and upgrade the procedures would be undertaken based on the data generated during the present exercise.

Another exercise

Another exercise, to evaluate the response capability of the companies and agencies in the area would also be undertaken in the near future as a part of the national oil spill disaster contingency plan.

Contingency plan

They said that a review of the regional contingency plan would also be undertaken. Being responsible for safeguarding the national maritime in the maritime zones of India, the Coast Guard is vested with the task of preservation, protection of marine environment, prevention and control of pollution by petroleum products.