Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Vascular surgeons have deplored their woefully inadequate number as compared to the growing demand for their services at various centres in the State.

P.C. Gupta, executive member of Vascular Society of India and chief of vascular and endovascular surgery at the CARE Hospital here, told a news conference on Friday that daily 20 to 25 patients with vascular diseases visited each of the eight hospitals where treatment facilities were available for them. Ten to fifteen of them were new patients while the others came for a follow-up. But, there were only nine specialists at all these hospitals, including himself.

Dr. Gupta attributed the shortage of vascular surgeons to the inability of existing teaching programmes to take care of the specialisation which was an emerging field. A three-year degree programme in vascular surgery was offered at the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) on the basis of all-India admissions. Unfortunately, the intake at NIMS was only two students an year. The restriction was caused due to availability of limited faculty at NIMS.

It was in this background that a three year post-graduate training was proposed at CARE Hospital, he added.