S. Harpal Singh

Upa Sarpanch guides flood-hit

ADILABAD: Balur Sanjiv Reddy, Upa Sarpanch of the flood-affected Kamai village in Jainad mandal became a man for all occasions just when the situation demanded. He not only guided his `folk' to the safety of Gimma village a few kilometres away, but also organised a relief camp for them in the face of threat from the Penganga, which was in spate. The Revenue and Police officials and even journalists depended on him for reports on the flood situation. Mr. Reddy did not hesitate to answer his mobile even in the dead of the night.

"My greatest worry was keeping the battery of my mobile phone charged. Every night I went to Adilabad town to get it charged," confessed the good Samaritan.

"I waited until daybreak on August 6 to find a feasible escape route. Finding no way to break free, I forced my people to take the railway track to safety. We waded through chest deep waters and reached Gimma in the evening. It took a few hours and much energy for the 450 people to walk through the stone ballast on the track," recalled Mr. Reddy.