Ossa Technologies has launched a jewellery management product ‘I-Miner' here on Thursday. The product is based on RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology and can provide services such as inventory management, product management, security and tracking of the product.

Giving details of the product, Sriraag Nair of Ossa explained that RFID technology is embedded in a tag and each tag will be pinned to a product, be it a bangle or a necklace. “The technology is so developed that it will not only provide the details of the product such as weight, caratage and model, but will also give a security cover,” he said.

The technology enables the product to stay tuned to a dedicated radio frequency and the moment anybody tries to lift or remove it, the alarm system gets activated and the monitoring begins.

The RFID tags that are embedded with a receiving chip are connected to a central broadcasting station which in turn codes, decodes and tracks its movement. Mr. Nair told reporters that each tag would have a UID (unique identification number) and no two tags in the world will have the same number. “Each tag will have a built-in memory of about 28 tracks and encrypted under the 256 bit coding system, which makes it almost impossible to be decoded,” he said.