The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Karimnagar chapter appealed to the general public on Thursday to cooperate with the medical fraternity and stop attacking hospitals for no fault of doctors following the death of patients while undergoing treatment.

“No doctor will kill his/her patient and he/she will always strive to provide better treatment to the patient.

The death occurs due to various reasons and not only because of the medical treatment,” said IMA district president B.N. Rao and general secretary Anamalla Naresh.

Talking to the newsmen here, the IMA leaders expressed concern over the attack on a hospital in Jagtial town recently forcing the medical fraternity to down their shutters by stopping treatment to the patients. They said that the patients could lodge their complaints with the IMA, the police and the consumers’ forum for justice if they really feel that the doctors were guilty over the death of the patient.

But, they cannot take law into their hands and attack the hospitals and terrorise the medical fraternity, they said.

Recollecting the issuance of GO number 15 dated April 22, 2008, they said that the attacks on the hospitals were punishable under non-bailable sections.

However, the medical fraternity had not misused the Act or punished the patients, they added.

Alleging that only some anti-social elements were creating trouble by attacking the hospitals and causing mental agony to the patients, they said that majority of doctors were not accepting the serious cases for treatment following the attacks on the hospitals.

‘They can lodge complaint with the IMA, the police and the consumers’ forum if they find doctors guilty’