The International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad and Polycom, a video technology solutions firm, have tied up for the development of new video collaboration products and solutions.

“We will work closely with IIIT-H researchers on various video collaboration functionalities, among other aspects, making the technology even more intuitive and enhancing the overall customer experience,” said Balaji Iyer, General Manager of Polycom’s India Innovation Centre here.

Focus will be on areas such as computer vision, cloud computing and pattern recognition. The partnership will allow Polycom to tap into IIIT’s pool of IT professionals and also provide a marketplace for innovations and developments by IIIT-H students, Mr. Iyer said.

Vasudeva Varma, Dean of Research at IIIT-H said Polycom’s infrastructure, innovation, and R&D capabilities will provide excellent exposure for IIIT-H students and faculty, in addition to several projects and programmes. Prof. Varma said the institute’s research centres on computer vision, language and speech technologies at IIIT-H are closely related to Polycom’s goals.

Anoop M. Namboodiri, Assistant Professor at the Centre for Visual Information Technology at IIIT-H said they were working on a mobile application that would help users to take a picture of any heritage site and immediately download information on it. A project on robotic navigation products, that would prove useful in industry, is also underway.

Ties up with Polycom, a video technology solutions firm, to focus on computer vision, cloud computing