Igniting young minds through innovative way

It was great learning experience for the 15 students, some of them from IIT and all aged between 20 to 25 years, when they took up a walk into the thoroughfares of several villages to know the lifestyle, livelihood and tradition of the residents.

Chinnashodha Yatra

They walked all the way for about 15 kilometres on Friday from Nizampet in Narayanakhed constituency to Sanjeevanraopet. As part of the Chinnashodha Yatra organised by Palle Srujana, a Hyderabad-based NGO based, the team was led by former Brigadier P. Ganesham and a professor from the BRIT.

On the way, the students interacted with the villagers and gathered information about their life style, the crops they cultivate and the problems they were facing. The villagers were happy to pour out their heart and share their experiences with the team. All members of the team were very eager to chalk out plans to improve the living standards of the villagers.

Indigenous technology

Mr. Ganesham, along with his team, felicitated Gandram, a native of Ramachandra Tanda, and Udyam Kishtaiah of Sangajeevanraopet on Friday and Saturday respectively for extending medical assistance to the cattle in their villages.

“They saved many animals by following traditional methods,” says Mr. Ganesham.

The former Brigadier also explained about a 65-yer-old farmer Guravaiah of Rupenaguntla in Guntur district who had designed a machine without having any formal education and technical training. “Guravaiah stands as an example for the other villagers in the area and it is our responsibility to bring his innovation to the right forum so that it can be used by others. We have to evolve a system wherein various rural indegenous technologies can be acknowledged without any certification ,” he said.

The three-day yatra, commenced on Friday, would be culminated at Narayanakhed on Sunday.

15 students, including some IITians, undertook a 15-km walk from Nizampet to Sanjeevanraopet to understand various facets of rural life

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