R. Ravikanth Reddy

To develop content for the benefit of engineering students

HYDERABAD: The Institute of Electronic Governance (IEG) is planning to tie-up with the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop content for the benefit of engineering students and also adopt a few of its initiatives to encourage research.

The IEG is looking at replicating the MIT's sought after Open Course Ware (OCW) that gives access to the study material developed by the MIT on various courses. The IEG will not only host the material on its site for easy access to students but also plans to prepare similar kind of content for the benefit of students here.

The issue was discussed at a meeting a team of professors from MIT had with the IEG president Subba Rao Ghanta recently. It was agreed that the MIT would train the mentors at IEG on its famous academic initiatives like the OCW and I-Labs.

"Discussions on the issue are on and the MoU is likely to be signed soon," said T. Srinivasulu Reddy, Academic Director of Jawahar Knowledge Centres (JKC), an innovative initiative of the IEG to bridge the gap between industry and the academic institutions.

Prof. Reddy says though the Open Course Ware is accessible to everyone, the JKC plans help the students make better use of the material. He said that the content holds immense importance to Indian students since a majority of them are likely to work with the US or European-based multi-national companies. "It will help students to understand their needs better."

Online experiments

Another initiative, I-Labs that helps students to perform experiments online will be of great use to Indian students. "If the tie-up fructifies, students can make good use of the content developed by highly qualified professors," Mr. Reddy said.

Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) is another concept of MIT that provides more opportunities for service and information providers would also be utilised. Prof. Reddy said that though initially the concentration would be on academics, the IEG will also use its applications in the e-governance project. The OKI concept can be extensively used for better management in every sector.