International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) Director-General William D. Dar, who was Secretary of Agriculture in the Philippines (equivalent to Minister of Agriculture) about two decades ago, will visit the State Assembly and present his ideas which could benefit the farming sector in the State.

This was announced by Assembly Speaker Nadendla Manohar during his interaction with the scientists of ICRISAT at its premises on Wednesday, along with a team of legislators as part of a three-day orientation programme held for them.

The Assembly will hear and examine the proposals being mooted by Dr. Dar and decide what has to be implemented in the State which would benefit the farm sector.

ICRISAT has been mooting four proposals, including Bhoochetana, increasing groundnut cultivation in Anantapur, capacity building measures in the farming sector and improving the cultivation of pigeon pea.

When one of the members, during the interaction with scientists, asked about the advantages Andhra Pradesh can have with ICRISAT, Dr. Dar replied that they were ready to extend any help to the State.

Responding to his gesture, Mr. Manohar announced that Dr. Dar could address the Assembly during the coming session and make a presentation on the proposals and the members would decide what proposal has to be taken up.

“This is a wakeup call. I feel sorry to hear that no legislator has visited ICRISAT so far to understand the research going on here,” he said told the legislators.

Assembly Speaker wants legislators to make use of research findings of the premier institute