A team of doctors led by consultant interventional cardiologists Brajesh Kumar Kunwar successfully implanted an “Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator” (ICD) in a 56-year-old woman who was brought to Manipal Hospitals here with severe heart failure having a “dialated heart” and risk of “sudden cardiac death”. The process of implanting an ICD is similar to that of implanting a pacemaker. Pacemakers are implanted on a temporary basis in patients with a heartbeat rate slower than normal, but an ICD is implanted on a permanent basis in patients who have irregular heartbeat.

An ICD is programmed to detect irregularities in the heartbeat and correct it by giving it an electric jolt. The patient Nirmala (name changed), a housewife, was suffering from cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disorder) for a few years and was admitted to hospital repeatedly with palpitations and breathing difficulties.

She was brought to the hospital after she suffered ‘severe heart failure’. In a procedure that lasted 45 minutes a “single chamber ICD” was implanted and she recovered completely.

“During a sudden cardiac arrest, a person may pass out within seconds and die if not treated immediately. An ICD is placed in patients who have a high risk of sudden cardiac death. There is a significant improvement in her health condition and she is able to live a normal life,” Dr. Kunwar said in a release about this patient.

Process of implanting ICD is similar to that of implanting a pacemaker