Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR: Government Whip D. Sridhar Babu has said that he will definitely recommend formation of separate Telangana State, if he were included in the joint House committee, which would be constituted to study and resolve the Telangana issue.

Talking to newsmen here on Friday, he said that he had not received any official information about his inclusion in the panel and added that he had only read about his name in the newspapers.

He said that “As a Telangana person, I would definitely suggest formation of Telangana state.” He also said that the Congress alone would give Telangana statehood.

He said that the Telangana issue would have been solved by now had the TRS accepted constitution of the second SRC. Ridiculing the BJP’s claim of formation of Telangana state within 100 days after attaining power, he said the BJP was planning to deceive the people of Telangana with the false promise.

PCC surveys

He said that he had submitted all the application forms submitted by ticket aspirants from the 13 Assembly and two Parliament constituencies in the district to the PCC for consideration. He said that the PCC was conducting separate surveys for the finalisation of candidates.