Staff Reporter

ANANTAPUR: Approver in the Paritala Ravindra murder case K. Ramamohan Reddy reiterated in the District and Sessions Court here on Tuesday that he had turned an approver only to tell the truth and facts pertaining to the case before the court. Judge K. Gaddenna adjourned the case to July 28 for continuation of cross examination of the approver by different defence lawyers. All the 15 accused in the case were also present in the court during the cross examination of the approver.

As the deposition of the approver was completed during the last adjournment of the case on July 2, cross-examination by the defence counsel was taken up by the court straightaway on Tuesday. On the charge levelled by defence counsel Ayyapu Reddy that he had turned approver as he was being paid Rs. 25,000 per month by Paritala Ravindra’s family, Ramamohan Reddy denied the charge and said his intention was only to tell the truth and get punishment for his role in the case reduced.