A celebrity, a fashion designer, TV host and a politician, Shaina Nana Chudasama a.k.a Shaina NC has her own identity. From promoting various drapes to roping in Bollywood star power to add visibility to social and health campaigns, there is a lot that she packs in her hectic schedule.

What was your collection for the fashion week?

I don't believe in forecasts and trends. For me clothes are timeless. I believe in innovation. Kanjeevaram, Paithani saris can be made contemporary with embroidery and drapes.

You have a lot of celebrities endorsing your shows…

I believe in glamour for a purpose. There has to be a social attachment, say supporting cancer patients, to the glamour event.

Tell us about your show ‘India First'

It features people from a cross section of the society. But all are visionaries. We had Sachin Pilot, Shah Rukh Khan, Nitin Gadkari, Gautam Gambhir, Karan Johar and other popular icons on ‘India First'. The show aims to elicit their take on how the country should progress.

Recently Mukesh Ambani suggested that your father Nana Chudasama should be given royalty for ‘Tweeting'. He was referring to the messages on the banners on Marine Drive that he has been penning for a long time.

My father is a phenomenal person and did a lot for the betterment and development of Mumbai as the sheriff, which he still does. I work with him in the various organisations he founded.

You contested as the BJP candidate for the Assembly seat from Bandra constituency. What was the one area in which you wanted to bring a change in Mumbai?

Growing more trees. We aimed at planting 3,00,000 trees. Cleanliness is another area that comes to my mind which is a challenge to implement in a city like Mumbai.

You come from a mixed parentage. Of late a lot of honour killings are carried out by khap panchayats. What is a political, social solution to the issue that comes to your mind?

I am a half Bohra, half Rajasthani. My children don't belong to any one caste or creed. What they have been raised to follow is that they are primarily Indians. Promoting inter-faith marriages is the way forward for a complicated country like ours.

Syeda Farida chats with Shaina NC who was in the city recently as part of the Hyderabad Fashion Week