Chris Pfeiffer, a professional street bike freestyle rider shares his ideas on stunt riding with Abhijit Dev Kumar

His first tryst with a motorbike was at the age of five. Today, he pulls off some of the most daring stunts that leave audiences awestruck. Stunts

From performing mind-boggling stunts across the world, to professional riding, winning the European Champion Stunt Riding and the Extreme Enduro Race, it is treat to watch Chris Pfeiffer, a professional street bike freestyle rider, perform stunts on his bike.

On a whirlwind tour of five cities across India, the stunt biking champion finds Indian audiences very amusing.

“I have performed in other countries and there, people congratulate you after the performance. In India, it's totally different, the response is spontaneous,” exclaims the 40-year-old biker. As part of his performances, Chris has ridden at BMW World Museum and a number of five star hotels. But one of his famous stunts includes the ride on top of the BMW's Headquarters at Munich, Germany.

“I always wanted to ride on a roof top of a high rise building and it was a perfect opportunity to do some stunts at BMW's building. The roof was laid with asphalt so we decided to ride there and it was amazing,” says Chris.

Be it the ‘wheelies', ‘stoppies' or even the ‘donut', Chris puts in a lot of practice everyday with his bike to get his act right.

“I practice about two hours every day on the bike and apart from that I undergo rigorous fitness training which includes running and cycling. Fitness is more important for these kinds of sport as one needs to be in control while performing the stunts,” he points out.

Chris generally tests the ground on his Beta Dirt Bike before getting onto his signature bike, the BMW F800R.

Though Chris makes the stunts look easy, there are occupational hazards as well. “I have broken 11 bones, including my vertebrae and knee caps.

Though safety is important, you cannot rule out the fact that you might crash. I see a lot of people wearing helmets here, but it is important to wear riding gear too,” he says.

Love for biking

In spite of meeting with several accidents, it's his love for riding bikes that keeps him going.

“Every time I met with an accident, I was a 100 per cent motivated to get back on the bike and start riding again,” he signs off.