Special Correspondent

Police not to spare persons using tribals as carriers

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Chodavaram police recovered 115 kg of ganja being transported in a car, near Narasayyapeta village on Saturday. The person engaged in the transport of ganja had run away leaving the car behind.

A case was booked under NDPS Act and being investigated, Superintendent of Police Vineet Brij Lal said. He recalled that 13 persons were arrested last month and 700 kg of ganja was seized from them. Help from other departments was also being taken to put an end to the ganja transport, he said.

Maoists blamed

The SP also said most of those caught while illegally transporting the ganja were Girijans and a watch was kept on those using the Girijans for transport of ganja and they would be dealt firmly.

Mr. Vineet Brij Lal said ganja cultivation and transport was taking place in the areas frequented by the CPI (Maoist) but the Maoists who were waging an armed war for establishing a new order and charge all Government departments with corruption, were not bothered about ganja cultivation and transport, even as the narcotic substance was destroying many families.

This would raise doubts if the Maoists were having links with the ganja smugglers and statements made by those arrested in ganja transport cases had only lent credence to the argument that there was a link.

People were wondering why the Maoists had never refuted this allegation nor had they destroyed ganja crop and suspected that they were looking the other way just for the sake of money being paid to them, the SP said.