Marri Ramu

  • Speeding Wagon R crashes into Maruti, rolls over and screeches to a halt after hitting a tea stall
  • No injuries to Wagon R driver, co-passenger
  • Victim in rear seat of Maruti

    HYDERABAD: A housewife, Smitha (40), travelling in a car was killed after being hit by an oncoming vehicle, when it ran over the divideron Minister's Road near Rasoolpura junction late on Sunday night.

    Three others, including her husband, travelling in the Maruti, sustained minor injuries.

    Such was the speed of the oncoming car, a Wagon R, that after crashing into the Maruti, it rolled over and screeched to a halt after hitting a tea stall, some 10 metres away. The Wagon R driver Dhruva Shankar and another passenger Abhinay were unhurt.

    Car mangled

    The victim was in the rear seat of the car while her husband Mukesh was in the front passengerseat. They were returning home in the car driven by one Chandrakanth after having dinner. Mr. Chandrakanth's wife Reeta was also on the rear seat.

    "Initially we could not understand how the accident occurred.

    We rushed to the mangled car and extricated the victims," a visibly upset Rajnikant, who resides in a nearby building, told The Hindu .

    The Wagon R coming from the Nallagutta side was moving at a great speed. It hit the road divider, flew off uprooting a medium-size tree on the divider before crashing into the Maruti, which had entered Minister's Road from Rasoolpura side, a few minutes before.

    The two couples in the Maruti are residents of Shama Apartments on PG Road.

    As people gathered and rushed the injured to a nearby hospital, Dhruva Shankar and his friend Abhinay abandoned the vehicle and fled.

    However, they surrendered to the police on Monday morning. Police said Dhruva Shankar's mother Uma, a teacher in a well-known school, made them surrender.