Incidents of thieves entering houses in the guise of prospective tenants and gold polishers naturally make people suspect every stranger knocking on the doors. Now, a robbery committed by two well-dressed persons in Jubilee Hills two days ago is only strengthening such distrust.

The immaculately dressed persons posed themselves as census enumerators and went to a house in Navnirmannagar behind Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School. The house owner Nirupma and her daughter were in the house.

The two robbers, who spoke fluent English, identified themselves as enumerators and told her that they wanted to collect details of the family. One of them handed her a form and requested her to fill it up. Nirupama, police said, began filling the form, but got suspicious and got up to close the doors, but the duo barged inside and closed the doors behind them.

Even before the stunned housewife could react, they gagged her. At the point of knife, they collected gold ornaments weighing 150 grams and Rs. 20,000 in cash from an almirah.

Two robbers enter the house in the guise of census enumerators