Special Correspondent

VISAKHAPATNAM: A hospital, which was opened recently, is well equipped to conduct cosmetic and sports-related surgeries.

Special equipment and gadgets would be used while treating sports-related injuries and fractures, arthroscopy (key-hole surgery), and anthroplasty (joint replacement surgery) done for shoulder, elbow, knee and hip, said orthopaedic surgeon A. Harikrishna and cosmetic and general surgeon B. Geetha of Vizag Orthopaedics and Special Surgery, at a press conference here on Saturday. Both the doctors have been trained in special surgeries in the United Kingdom and the United States.

For the first time, breast reduction and enlargement surgeries were being conducted with the new methods in the State at the hospital, Dr. Geeta said.

The hospital has special equipment for liposuction (removal of fat). Cosmetic surgery on face, ear, nose, chin and cheeks would be done while other problems like darkening of skin, models, burn scars and dimples would be treated.

Every Sunday, the hospital is running a free clinic at Gurudwara - on the National Highway between 11 a.m. and noon.