Twentyfive-year-old Sivaparvathi from remote Ethamukala village had lost all hopes when she delivered a premature male baby with a very low birth weight about two months before the normal delivery time.

Coming to her rescue, a team of doctors from Sai Veena Children's hospital has saved the baby.

Happy over seeing the baby, Dr L.Sunil Kumar Reddy says the baby had entered the world in the 28th week with a low birth weight of just 800 grams.

The average Indian birth weight is 2.50 kg and the normal delivery time is between 38 and 41 weeks, he adds.

A team of doctors including neo-natal intensive care unit specialist Atul M and para-medical team worked round-the-clock for over 45 days and saved it, he added while bringing out the baby from the neo-natal intensive care unit.

The baby is without any eye sight or neurological problems associated with such premature babies, he added.