Scribes in the city were on the horns of a dilemma when the managements of two leading hotels invited them to sample the best of their cuisine on the same day and for the same meal. While one hotel announced the launch of a biryani festival, the rival hotel invited reporters to get a bite of the lip-smacking kebabs they were adding to their menu. While the representatives of bigger media organisations had the luxury of sharing the gastronomic duties with colleagues, the stand-alone reporters of smaller media outfits had a difficult time.

“It’s cruel for the hotel managements to hold press conferences at the same time. How can you expect us to do justice to our job and cover all the items,” complained a scribe who had to taste more than three dozen varieties of "scrumptious" and "delicious" food stuffs in the short duration of an hour.

Matter of celebration

The recent celebration of Onam festival and annual day by members of the Kerala Club provided a perfect platform to Krishna district Collector Shailaja Ramaiyer to make known her love for Andhra Pradesh and its people. Though Ms. Ramaiyer was in Hyderabad the previous evening, she returned to the city to attend the function.

Reminded of her ‘Malayalam’ lineage, she made no bones about the fact that she always considered herself a ‘Hyderabadi’. To a repeated reference to her as a ‘Malayalee Collector’ by the organisers, Ms. Ramaiyer said: “My father is from Kerala, my mother hails from Palakkad, but I was brought up in Hyderabad.

To be precise, I am a native of Kerala, my mother tongue is Tamil but I speak Telugu. It’s long since I spoke Malayalam and so I know very little of the language,” she confessed.

Clearing the air

In the absence of a full-fledged structure in the city, the Praja Rajyam Party is depending on observers appointed on ad hoc basis. As of now, a zonal committee with several leaders as members is overseeing the membership drive. In fact, the only main activity going on in the party temporary office on the premises of Dr. Samaram’s hospital near Benz Circle is enrolment. On monitoring of day-to-day political activities of the party, its leader Kamineni Srinivas said a committee would be constituted.

In view of the confusion that some leaders have been appointed district in-charges, he clarified that observers have been appointed only for specific programmes.

G. V. Ramana Rao, P. Sujatha Varma and G. Ravikiran