The pre-election promises of contesting parties and candidates are proving to be hollow and mischievous and can be termed wafer cakes. Even after six decades of Independence, voters are successfully hoodwinked by them. One says that if given power, he will give away rice free of cost to some sections and grant loans at 2 paise interest and save the women from the diabolic threat of boozers by prohibiting liquor, etc. We saw the TDP founder say so and his successor, no sooner than he ascended the throne, wiped out prohibition totally. Even the AP Public Service Commission – among several institutions -- was rendered defunct.

Corruption opened up itself and devastated the public life. Political interventions continue unabated, affecting mostly the freedom of the police department. Even now the leaders are indulging shamelessly in the same old game plan, spending crores of rupees for winning the votes and thereafter adopting all nasty ways and means to fill their coffers. I suggest that the parties and candidates should be made to relinquish their seats as and when they fail to fulfil their promises to people.

This should be made mandatory obligation on their part.

N.V. Rama Rao


Give a better name

At long last the much talked about train, Garib Rath, between Visakhapatnam and Secunderabad has become a reality.

While the efforts of the Indian Railways to introduce such trains across the country making it affordable for the common man to travel comfortably are no doubt laudable, christening the train as ‘Garib Rath’ is against the spirit of the nation’s policies and programmes aimed at eradication of poverty. As it also amounts to denigrating ourselves, I suggest the Indian Railways to think of better names for such trains.

P.V.R. Murty


Suicidal pleas

Looking at the consistent and savage behaviour of gangs of killers who ritualistically bomb to set afire innocent human beings to death in the name of religion or culture, it is feared that a sub-species of homo sapiens has already evolved and is threatening human civilization.

Homo sapiens is an evolved creature in the genus homo and its earlier cousin was homo erectus, a beastly humanoid.

The beast in the forest kills to eat but terrorists kill to satiate their demonic psyche.

In a sense, terrorists are the newly evolved humanoids and may be downgraded as savages not fully human. It is suicidal to plead for human rights of terrorists as terrorists ceased to be human.

Human rights groups may please reflect on this.

T.S. Rao


Defunct streetlight

The bulb fitted to the streetlight electric pole No. 83/B/2 without dome located near Maruthi Ashram in Lalithanagar has gone off for the past six months. Several reminders to the GVMC staff evoked no response. Owing to the UGD work of late, the roads are dug up leading to gaping holes and people fall into them sustaining injuries in pitch darkness. The streetlight is located in a busy junction and I appeal to GVMC authorities to replace the bulb and dome.

K.A.S. Acharyulu