Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is ready to take up construction of a modern five storied commercial complex at Pultibowli to accommodate affected shop owners at Sultan Bazaar. Similarly, vacant sites are also available in the vicinity to take up another such complex for businessmen likely to be affected in the road widening for the project at Badi Chowdi.

Talking to presspersons after briefing Mayor B. Kartika Reddy on Friday along with the L&T Metro Rail MD V.B. Gadgil, HMR Managing Director N.V.S. Reddy said negotiations were going on with the property owners and as and when everyone comes forward, the new commercial complexes proposals to be built by the HMR would be sent to the government.

HMR had identified 90 affected businessmen at Sultan Bazaar and another 300 at Badi Chowdi. All these could be easily accommodated in the proposed new complexes as more than 600 new shops would be made available for occupying.

“We are ready to accommodate more shopkeepers if their credentials can be validated,” he said.

“We have opposition with regard to 300 metres at these two markets and until each of the affected parties is provided alternate space we will not take up any work there,” affirmed Mr. Reddy. He reiterated there was no danger to any heritage properties across the three routes and does not think that a metro line passing on the road across the Legislative Assembly would affect its visage.

The MD informed the Mayor that HMR would also be paying for shifting of electric poles from the road medians at a total cost of Rs.40 crore and initially, Rs.16.72 crore would be spent for removing them from Nagole to Mettuguda. The GHMC Standing Committee has to accord permission for the same.

He also explained that of the 1,550 properties getting affected for the project, 1,350 are going to go because of road widening and the rest for metro line alignment. “We are going to compensate all the affected property owners,” he said.

“The GHMC fully supports the metro rail project,” said the Mayor and offered to hold talks with the other elected representatives as also the affected property owners to find out an amicable solution. The capital needed such a public transport facility and project had created a buzz within the country and abroad, she said.