The Hindu Vahini president and advocate, Rajvardhan Reddy, has clarified that he got suspicious of Sharib Ali, a TISS research scholar, as there was no authentic introduction of him while his identity card also didn’t look like a genuine one.

Responding to the news item in these columns on Thursday, Mr. Reddy said he had invited Mr. Ali to the court first and later to his house after he introduced himself as a research scholar from TISS. He claimed that he got his number from a certain Mr. Muzaffer, a lawyer. However, Mr. Muzaffer didn’t inform him about Ali’s intended meeting. “He was a stranger and I grew suspicious after seeing the identity card as it was obtained on September 30. How can a researcher come to Hyderabad for data collection within three days of obtaining an ID card from a high profile institute like TISS. The quality of ID card was not in tune with a top institute like the TISS. Moreover, it mentioned that Mr. Ali was a temporary staff and not a research scholar as he claimed,” Mr. Reddy said.

“I called up the police just to ensure that his credentials were checked. What they did at the police station is not my call,” he said justifying that he had to call the police as he was on the hit list of some terror groups.