Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Co-operative Federation Ltd has officially announced an increase of Rs.2 in the sale price of milk with effect from February 2.

A press release issued by the federation here on Thursday said the price of toned milk in one litre pack will now be Rs.18 and half-a- litre pack Rs.9, as against Rs.16 and Rs.8 earlier respectively. It said the revised prices of various types of Vijaya milk in half-a-litre pack size would be: whole milk (Rs.11), standard milk (Rs.10), family milk (Rs.8.50), double toned milk (Rs.8) and diet milk (Rs.7).

The revised price will also be applicable on monthly cards from February 2. However, those who have already purchased milk cards for supply up to 10 February will continue to get at the pre-revised price.