Agro-based industries need of the hour, he says

The district administration is keen to set up a helpdesk to provide basic information for the persons who are planning to work in overseas companies. It is observed that many people of Srikakulam district are being cheated with the bogus placement agencies and overseas companies. Recently, as many as 200 persons from Pundi, Itchapuram and other places were stranded in Sudan, Malaysia and Sri Lanka as placement agencies deceived them.

They thought that they would get jobs as welders and, electricians but they were offered postings in the Sanitation Department. They could not come back as all of them signed on agreement papers to work at least one year. Many of them are illiterate and could not understand the details of the agreement. While participating in the Meet the Press programme organised by the Srikakulam Press Club on Tuesday, District Collector G.Venkatram Reddy said that the helpdesk would find a solution to the problems.

According to him, the officials of the Employment Department, youth services would verify the antecedents of the concerned placement agencies and overseas companies when candidates approach them. “We will take the cooperation from the Police Department also in verifying the background of the companies so that there would not be any further problems. We request all the persons who are planning to go abroad to meet the officials of the help desk,” said Mr.Venkatram Reddy.

Reacting to unrest over the setting up of industries, he said the agro-based industries were need of the hour . He assured that soil mapping would be done to provide accurate information about the soil conditions in respective places to the farmers.

The Press Club president K. Venugopal, and leaders of journalists unions P.J. Bhaskar, Eswara Rao, Narsimhulu and others also participated in the Meet the Press programme.