Sri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam was thrown open for public for darshan after obligatory rituals were duly performed following a lunar eclipse, on Friday. The temple was closed on Thursday evening in view of short duration lunar eclipse.

The priests conducted suddhi, purification/cleansing of the ancient shrine immediately after the lunar eclipse. The suddhi was followed by pre-dawn rituals. The devotees in good numbers thronged the hill shrine.

The temples across the city were abuzz with activity as the devotees thronged in good numbers to offer prayers. The people believe that eclipse effects them if they were born in stars mentioned in almanac (‘swathi nakshatram during this lunar eclipse). The priests conducted special poojas and homams for the devotees. The people offered ‘danam’, donations, to the priests.

The people, in accordance with the tradition, dinner was served in households even before sunset. The housewives suspended kitchen work thereafter. As the eclipse occurred at midnight, not much kitchen activity would be there, said Gayatri, a homemaker. However, the domestic chores were completed as early as possible. The hectic activity was witnessed immediately after dawn.

Hundreds of devotees have a holy dip, after the eclipse, in the river Krishna