MAHABUBNAGAR: Construction works ongoing Koilsagar lift irrigation project came to halt since Wednesday owing to the heavy rains that lashed the district for two days. The surge pool, pump house, tunnel and approach channel that are part of the project have got inundated causing Rs.1 crore loss to the contractors who took the contract on EPC.

The approach channel that was constructed near Markal village under second phase of the project is nearing completion and cement lining works have to be taken up soon. Over 3.5 km long tunnel works were completed against total length of 4.432 km.The entire tunnel filled with rain water and two drilling machines that remained inside the tunnel have totally inundated surge pool that was dug up to the extent of 62 metres.

According to project E. E. Muni Ratnam it may take a month or two to resume works as water entered the approach channel. Senior project Manager of IVRCL Company Mohan Reddy said that it may cost Rs.40 lakh to pump out stagnated water.As per schedule the project should be completed by December 2008, but due to such hurdles it may take another one year to complete according to project officials.