The blazing heat wave conditions followed by temperature crossing 40 plus degrees Celsius since last one month had cast its shadow on the poultry industry with high mortality rate of birds due to the prevailing sweltering heat wave conditions.

Similarly, the egg and chicken production had declined by over 50 per cent during the last one month following the blistering heat wave conditions in the district. The Karimnagar district, which topped in the region in egg production with 17 to 18 lakh eggs per day, had now come down to only 10 lakh eggs per day due to high mortality rate of layer birds.

The Karimnagar district is having around 100 layer poultry farms meant for production of eggs and around 350 broiler farms for chicken production. More than 50 per cent of the poultry farms have been closed due to non-availability of water for installing sprinklers, water coolers etc.

Government veterinary doctor Jayaram said that every day around 50,000 birds are dying in the district. The poultry industry farmers have made all arrangements for providing cool weather to the birds by erecting sprinklers, coolers etc, but still the mortality rate was very high as the feed intake had declined among the birds, he added.

A poultry farmer said that they could ensure survival of birds even during the outbreak of bird flu. But, we are unable to protect the birds from due to heat wave conditions. This is the worst ever summer season, we have ever seen, he bemoaned. The poultry sheds are vacant due to the death of birds and the farmers were not showing interest in rearing chicks from March itself, he added.

On the other hand, the price of chicken and eggs have skyrocketed due to decline in production in Karimnagar district.


Coolers sell like hot cakes in Karimnagar April 2, 2014