City-based fitness trainer achieves ‘unique’ 12-hour record on ‘12/12/12’

Wednesday proved to be ‘unique’ for a city-based fitness trainer. Coinciding with the rare combination of 12-12-12, M. Praveen Kumar ‘skipped’ his way to a ‘Unique World Record’ with non-stop rope skipping for 12 hours, from 12.12 a.m. to 12.12 p.m. at Lions Bhavan.

Accompanied by foot tapping music, the 31-year old fitness trainer accomplished this feat with barely 10 short breaks. “I was planning to attempt this for long, but due to lack of sponsors, I could not take it earlier. It took me a three-month long preparation for completing this daunting task,” Mr. Kumar said.

But he is not planning to stop here. “My target is to do a similar feat but spanning 24-hours to achieve a Guinness World Record,” he informed. However, lack of sponsors is the main deterrent, Mr. Kumar said. “We need extensive preparations to attempt a 24-hour long session,” he explained.


It takes a lot of motivation and perseverance to accomplish such acts, Mr. Kumar said. “For first two hours my spirits were high and I did not feel the strain, but as I approached the 10{+t}{+h}hour I could feel the drag and it was difficult to continue. It was only because of the encouragement from the crowd that I could motivate myself to complete this task during the last two hours,” he said.

Apart from the current effort, Mr. Kumar also achieved Limca Book of Records for doing 11,000 rope skips in 60 minutes and achieved a National award for doing the rope skipping for six hours continuously.

  • Does non-stop rope skipping from 12.12 a.m. to 12.12 p.m.

  • Accomplishes the feat with just 10 short breaks

  • “It took me a three-month long preparation for completing this daunting task”