A research scholar of Hyderabad Central University was caught by the police on Thursday after he purchased high-end gadgets and branded clothes using clandestinely collected details of others' debit cards.

Two laptops, seven mobile phones and some electronic gadgets, all worth Rs. 3.15 lakh, were recovered from the arrested Prabhakar Yadav, a Junior Research Fellowship holder receiving Rs. 21,000 monthly scholarship from the government.

The accused, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, read reports about some persons secretly noting down PINs of debit card users by standing behind them while withdrawing money in ATM centres. “He decided to steal information in similar fashion and use it to purchase articles online,” the Inspector said. He misused debit card details of four persons from January to March.

On receipt of complaints, the Cyber Crime sleuths tracked the online transactions and caught Prabhakar.