This Sankaranti as your kites soar in the sky, make sure the threads are not metallic for they might cause power breakdowns when they come in touch with electrical lines. This in turn, could inconvenience others.

To ensure a safe festival for all, the Central Power Distribution Company has issued certain guidelines this festival season. It has requested children and youth not to climb electricity poles or touch electrical wires in their efforts to remove broken kites. Open areas away from electrical lines are the ideal places to enjoy kite flying.

In case of any electrical emergency, one can reach the nearest electricity office or contact the department on 155333.

Protect birds

Meanwhile, the Sahayog Organisation requested those flying kites not to use glass-coated ‘maanja' as it causes injuries to birds.

A press release here said that birds sustain deep cuts, gashes and even glass pieces embedded in their bodies due to deadly ‘maanja'.

To protect injuries to birds people can use uncoated string instead of ‘maanja'.

Anyone can call helpline number 93940 05600 if they spot an injured bird.