Handwriting expert and trainer Gopikrishna launched a four-day handwriting seminar for the schoolchildren on the Akshara International School premises in the city on Monday by enthusing them to change their writing style to improve it.

The four-day workshop-cum-seminar will help students understand the right way of holding pen or pencil, using the right kind of stationary and writing aids. The character of a person also changes with the handwriting and one can change his/her fate with the change in handwriting, he said giving examples of his own life.

Major role

He also discussed about art, yoga and other aspects with the students, which play a major role in building their personality and character. He also said that proper handwriting could take them to greater heights in life.

He will train the students on various aspects of handwriting, techniques to improve it positively.

School principal Kakarla Sarada Anil Kumar said that every child would benefit from this workshop.

It would also help them bring interest among them on academics, he added.