Order transferring its QC aspects to Kurnool division triggers a row

While the progress of Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanthi (AVRHNSS) project continues to limp due to various delays, the Irrigation Department has now spelt doom for quality control through a recent order.

The AVRHNSS, a project which is aimed at drawing water from the foreshore of the Srisailam dam and lift it to a height of 369 metres to irrigate over 6 lakh acres, including 4 lakh acres in Anantapur district alone, entails huge construction in three districts.

The quality control (QC) sub-division at Kurnool takes care of the construction in Kurnool district, a similar division at Anantapur under a deputy executive engineer (DEE) oversees work in Anantapur and Chittoor districts.

However, the Chief Engineer of Quality Control for Rayalaseema, in a recent memo, ordered the transfer of the quality control aspects in Anantapur district to the QC sub-division No. 4 at Owk village of the Kurnool district which falls under the Panyam QC division at Panyam of Kurnool district.

“This is absurd. As it is, the works of the HNSS are yet to be completed to any good measure and complaints on quality are plenty”, said CPI district secretary Jagadish even as he questioned as to how a person stationed in Kurnool district, a good 200 km away from the project sites in the district, can visit and ensure the quality of construction in Anantapur.

Asked for his response, Anantapur MP Ananta Venkatrami Reddy said he would take up the issue with the Chief Minister as the transfer of the work to the Kurnool district was not correct.

Meanwhile, eyebrows have been raised when the DEE who earlier headed the QC sub-division at Anantapur, has been transferred to QC sub-division at Owk. Unless corrected, the Handri-Neeva project and its quality control stand to be adversely affected.