Staff Reporter

VISAKHAPATNAM: The Municipal Council will adopt a resolution to make Visakhapatnam a Millennium City by 2015. The millennium development goals include eradication of poverty and hunger, universal primary education, promotion of gender equality and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Mayor Pulusu Janardhana Rao and Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Commissioner V.N. Vishnu, who participated in the 7th Forum of the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty - “Confronting the Crisis Collectively: Working Together to end Poverty” held at Rotterdam city in The Netherlands from February 24 to 26, recalled their experiences at a meeting here on Friday.

Giving a PowerPoint presentation, Mr. Vishnu said that Rotterdam was an eco-friendly city with well-developed cycle tracks and availability of all modes of public transport like trains, metro rail, trams and buses.

He felt that GVMC should also register with WACAP and derive the benefits of mutual cooperation and exchange.

The Mayor said that the delegates discussed the various problems confronting the 182 nations and how to alleviate poverty. It was decided to accord top priority to education, health, sanitation and water supply. They felt that these measures would go a long way in alleviating poverty.

Mr. Janardhana Rao said that education was free till 18 years of age in The Netherlands. Importance was given to vocational education and it was highly subsidised. Education has been made compulsory by law. Century old buildings were protected and well-maintained which was a reflection of the priority given to heritage in that country. The Mayor said that the GVMC was planning to allocate more funds to education and health in its next budget.

Mr. Vishnu said that the latest vacuum-based technology was being implemented in France for purification of drinking water and the same has been adopted in Delhi and Mumbai recently. “We (GVMC) have plans to adopt the same for GVMC as it ensures high purity at a cheaper cost,” he said.