To overcome the parking space crunch in the city, GVMC is planning to open free parking lots in vacant sites.

“Such sites are being identified to open them up for parking. If owners co-operate vacant land exemption will be given for such sites,” Municipal Commissioner B. Ramanjaneyulu told reporters on Monday.

Besides, permission of the railways is being sought to construct a multi-level parking lot near the LIC building. Also there is a disputed VUDA site near its office that could be used for parking, he said.

A case in point is a site in the Rajendranagar Park that is caught in legal dispute for a long time. It can be used for parking.

“We are only like trustees. Once the dispute is settled, the site will be handed over,” he said. Several vacant sites are available in the posh MVP Colony and on Beach Road as well. All the sites are being documented and video-graphed. The corporation will get in touch with owners of such sites in a bid to obtain their approval. Any regularisation by VUDA will not be allowed.


To help maintain its cycling tracks and better use of footpaths and also enforce parking in cellars, GVMC will utilise services of 30 private guards.

After training for about 10 days by the Police Department, they will be given uniforms by the corporation.