With the clock touching 11 a.m., people from various parts of Karimnagar town arrive in large numbers at the Boiwada locality to collect and consume the healthy and delicious gruel to quench their thirst and beat the severe heatwave conditions.

People from various walks of life, including the rich, poor and children, form serpentine queues to collect the nutritious drink served by the Daram Susheela Devi Memorial Trust set up by TB specialist Dr. D. Nagabushanam in memory of his wife.

Recollecting that during his childhood days his parents and grandparents used to serve the “magic potion”, prepared with jowar, ragi and millets, during the summer months to the visitors to protect them from dehydration and sunstroke, Dr. Nagabushanam said that he had set up the gruel centre in Boiwada locality to provide some succour to travellers in the town.

His son and leading physician Dr. D. Raghuraman, who is overseeing the centre operations, said that they hired services of traditional expert cooks of Telangana region to prepare the delicious and nutritional gruel. He said that the health drink is served in environmental-friendly paper tumblers which are later dumped in dustbins set up by the municipal authorities for the purpose.

During the summer season, the gruel centre is open on all Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The people, including the patients suffering from diabetes, arrive in large numbers to consume the healthy drink. Surprisingly, children also like the drink to protect themselves from the heatwave.

Due to huge demand from the people, the organisers are planning to keep the gruel centre open on all working days.

People in large numbers turn up for the ‘magic potion’ to beat the heat