Engineering colleges are likely to be placed in groups according to their performance rather than the earlier idea of being graded by the State government.

JNTU Hyderabad (JNTUH) Vice-Chancellor D.N. Reddy, who is also a member of the High Power Committee said that the committee has decided to place 262 engineering colleges in four groups of A, B, C and D depending on their performance based on various parameters. Colleges more than six years old only will be taken into account for the grouping exercise. He said grading cannot be done immediately due to administrative reasons.

He said grouping can assist the Government to fix higher fee for good colleges and lower fee for the colleges figuring in the lower group. He reminded that top colleges have been demanding higher fee as they follow all the norms of AICTE and pay UGC salaries to the teachers.

So the grouping can help the government if it prefers to have a differential fee structure. Colleges in top group can seek a higher fee and justify their demand.

Moreover, it will be a tool of assistance for parents and students to gauge the performance of the college on different parameters, and help them to choose the institution accordingly.

Even the students who are willing to pay money for quality will have an option. As of now, the only mode of analysing the quality of the institution available with the students is the accreditation by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).