Deputy Leader of the TDP in the Assembly and Nagari MLA Gali Muddukrishnama Naidu has lamented that despite revenue receipts of the State increasing to a whopping Rs. 4.78 lakh crore in the last seven years alone against the Rs. 2.28 lakh crore recorded during 1956 and 2004, it badly mismatched with the development which the State should have achieved in reality, with such an enormous increase in its revenue.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Mr. Naidu said though the government squeezed so much from the public in different forms, there was not only nil development, but gross misuse and abuse of the taxpayers' hard-earned money as well. He cited in this connection huge amounts that had been allegedly swindled in the infamous ‘Jalayagnam' projects and also how over two lakh acres land was doled out on a platter to realtors in the name of SEZs — 113 SEZs, which he said, was the highest for any State in India.

The TDP leader also reeled out statistics to reinforce his charges against the Central and State governments and according to his ‘facts sheet', petro prices were increased 25 times in last seven years, the price of petrol which was a mere Rs. 37 in 2004 shot up to Rs. 74 as on today, price of diesel from Rs. 24 to Rs. 45 per litre, LPG from Rs. 265 to Rs. 403 and poor man's fuel, kerosene from Rs. 9 to Rs.15.

He also presented a list of new taxations and surcharges which are in the offing and cited as example the Rs.1,500 crore proposed to be mobilised by the government by increasing electricity charges and a like sum by way of property tax, Rs.1,800 crore through VAT on liquor and Rs.1,000 crore by way of increase in life tax on motor vehicles.