Graphologist bats for ‘write' approach

G. Ravikiran
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Handwriting and yoga specialist P. Gopi Krishna. — PHOTO: CH. VIJAYA BHASKAR
Handwriting and yoga specialist P. Gopi Krishna. — PHOTO: CH. VIJAYA BHASKAR

An effort at cultivating good handwriting helps in removing personality flaws like negative attitude, indiscipline and lack of concentration, says graphologist and yoga expert Ponnuri Gopi Krishna. He asserts that handwriting (graphology) helps in increasing meditating and concentration powers in a person.

Mr. Gopi Krishna says that in this audio-visual age and overuse of electronic gadgets, focus on handwriting skills is coming down, which is not good for the coming generations of youngsters. In the large number of workshops and training sessions he conducted in various schools and colleges during the last six years, he discovered that only five to six per cent students are following clean and error-free handwriting.

Mixed writing habits

“Almost 90 per cent of students have mixed writing habits. It shows that they are not taking enough care. If a student wants to achieve a bright career, it is only through a perfect handwriting skill that he or she can make it,” says Mr. Gopi Krishna.

A commerce graduate, he left a good career abroad and turned to yoga, meditation and handwriting out of a deep desire to do service and share his knowledge of life skills with others.

Through Sree Bhagavathi Yoga Dhyana Mandir Charitable Trust and Social Service Centre, Mr. Gopi Krishna has conducted countless training programmes and workshops on yoga, meditation and handwriting.

The motivation to spread awareness of good handwriting started when he found out while analysing samples of 400 students that those who faced similar personality problems had more or less identical difficulties in handwriting as well.

Stating that there is a deep connection between mind and writing, Mr. Gopi Krishna suggests that by making minor corrections and by doing a few exercises, one can get rid of bad handwriting and thereby unwanted personality traits.

He has put together a six-rule book unlike the regular four-rule cursive writing for giving sure solution for good handwriting skill. “It can be learnt in just four to five days and its therapeutic value is permanent,” he asserts.

Mr. Gopi Krishna advises students to follow diligently healthy rules of right slanting, even gaps between words and lines, leaving margins on right and at bottom as well and so on.

Good handwriting helps in removing personality flaws, says P. Gopi Krishna



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