VIZIANAGARAM: As the municipalities and panchayats have not been paying cess regularly, the Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha is entangled in financial crisis. The local bodies have to pay 8 per cent cess to the Samstha. But they have not been following the guidelines. As a result, over Rs.1 crore was pending for the collection, said Rongali Pothanna, Chairman of the Samstha.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday, Mr. Pothanna, who is also vice-president of DCC, said Vizianagaram Municipality had paid Rs.10 lakhs recently against Rs.40 lakhs and the dues from other local bodies were a little over Rs.1crore.

The cess is unpaid since 2004. The State Public Library had funded some 9,000 books costing Rs.2.56 lakhs, which were received recently by the Grandhalaya. They were being dispatched to gurukul and residential schools at Salur, Poosapatirega, Cheepurupalli, Nellimarla, Badangi and Bhadragiri. Each school would receive 393 books.Grandhalaya Secretary M. Sakku Bai and the Employees’ Union President B. Ramabhadra Raju were present.