The Anantapur district collector V. Durga Das told The Hindu that the government has sanctioned Rs. 25.23 crore towards creation and sustenance of drinking water facilities in the district.

Speaking to The Hindu , he said that these funds would help create rural infrastructure which would go a long way in tackling the drinking water problem in certain regions on a long-term basis.

He said that Rs. 2.83 crore was sanctioned for creation of drinking water facilities in 149 Indiramma colonies across the district while Rs. 8 crore was sanctioned for creating similar facilities covering 31 SC/ST villages in Nallamada and Obuladevara Cheruvu mandals of the district.

On the other hand, funds to the tune of Rs. 14.40 crore have been sanctioned for building safe drinking water facilities in certain villages of Mudigubba region, falling under the Dharmavaram Assembly constituency, which have been a perennially affected villages.

He further said that he had directed the rural water supply department to ensure fast grounding of works and added that he would personally look into the matter.

About Rs. 2.83 crore allotted for drinking water facilities in 149 Indiramma colonies and Rs. 8 crore for 31 SC/ST villages