The delay in the release of fee reimbursement money by the government is creating bad blood between the college managements and Universities. Citing the delay, the colleges are delaying payments to the universities.

College managements under the JNTU, Hyderabad have failed to pay common service fee of nearly Rs.30 crore to the university despite the academic year coming to a close. With dues mounting and the audit objections, the university has refused to provide provisional certificates to students. The students, meanwhile, have alleged that the varsity’s failure to give them certificates is costing them jobs and opportunities for higher education.

Colleges collect Rs.1,500 per student during admission time under the common service fee but fail to pay the same to the university. Whenever officials send reminders they link the non-payment to delay in release of funds by the government.

“We repeatedly reminded them of the payment and put pressure only when they did not heed to our demands,” said JNTU-H Vice-Chancellor P. Rameshwar Rao. Of the 266 colleges offering MBA, only 96 have submitted the required documents.

Lokayukta role

Some students had approached the Lokayukta against the university and wanted that colleges be given powers to issue provisional certificates.

The Lokayukta, however, in his latest order made it clear that university was the apex body and colleges cannot be given the option to conduct viva voce or issue provisional certificates.

Colleges have refused payment of service fee of about Rs. 30 crore to the University, citing government delay in reimbursing student fees