D. Narasimhachar, convener, United Citizens’ Forum, urged the government to initiate steps to check obscenity and improve the standing of women in society. In a statement, he said instead of crying hoarse over growing atrocities on women, the society and governments should get to the root cause of the evil and remove it.

He said there was no point in blaming the police entirely and demonstrating in front of the residences of Ministers while parents completely shirked their responsibility. It was the job of the elders to know what the young people with their immature minds were indulging in and guide them properly.

He said the content telecast on TVs should be monitored and a mechanism should be developed to deal with it. The authorities should have proper control over the sale of liquor and running of pubs.

It was unfortunate that some of the pubs offered incentives to groups who attended as couples. The advertisement content had no respect for women and tried to project them as sales ambassadors.

He said there would be no end to the spate of sexual assaults on girl children and women without banishing the evils that bred them.