Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh Goshala Federation on Friday requested the Government to construct water troughs and provide fodder to animals across the State to ensure relief from increasing mercury levels.

There are over 105 Goshalas in the State that provide shelter and food for over 24,000 cows in the State.

On an average, per day each cow consumes 14 kilograms of fodder and 14 litres of water but due to rising temperatures there is a severe shortage of fodder and water resulting in ill health of cows and other animals, said Andhra Pradesh Goshala Federation president Mahesh Agarwal at a press conference here.

The situation is worse in districts, particularly in the Telangana region.

Owing to financial constraints many cattle farmers are selling their cows to slaughter houses in neighbouring States like Maharastra for mere Rs. 800 each, he added. The government has to construct water troughs and provide fodder for cattle farmers.

This apart, the government should also instruct the Endowment Department to provide shelter to cows at various Goshalas operated in temples across the State during summers, he advised.

The dearth of fodder in the State is due to encroachment of grazing lands by land grabbers, he lamented.