Students of Superwhizz coaching centre reaped a rich harvest of top ranks in CA PCC and IPC exams the results of which were announced on Tuesday. According to the principal S. Venkateswara Rao, students of the institute bagged 3{+r}{+d}, 9{+t}{+h}, 9{+t}{+h}, 12{+t}{+h}, 13{+t}{+h}, 21{+s}{+t}, 22{+n}{+d}, 24{+t}{+h}, 25{+t}{+h}, 26{+t}{+h}, 31{+s}{+t}, 32{+n}{+d}, 36{+t}{+h}, 38{+t}{+h}, 39{+t}{+h}, 43{+r}{+d}, 47{+t}{+h}and 49{+t}{+h}ranks at the all-India level. Mr. Venkateswara Rao said of the total 23 all-India ranks bagged by students of the State, 18 were from Superwhizz.