Craftsmen launched the work on replacing the silver canopy with gold frames over the presiding deities of Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy and Sri Bramarambhika Devi at Srisailam on Thursday.

The golden frame is being sponsored by Hyderbad-based industrialist Cherukuri Sridhar.

12 kg gold needed

The structure at both places requires 12 kg gold, 300 kg copper and 200 kg mixed metal rods.

After fabricating the copper frames, the craftsmen applied 12 gold coatings to give the complete texture. Goldsmiths D. Pentaiah Achari and R. Rammohan designed and fabricated the frames in six month of laborious work.

The fabrication is expected to be completed by May 29 when the rituals begin to sanctify the new structures. Dedication of the structure would be complete by June 3.

Temple executive officer Chandrasekhar Azad said the canopy would create a new ambience within the sanctum.

  • The gold frame is sponsored by Hyderbad-based industrialist Cherukuri Sridhar

  • It takes six months of laborious work for goldsmiths design the frames