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Flood level reaches 22.80 feet at Dhawaleswaram Hits 22.80 ft at Dhawaleswaram

  • Sonia Gandhi likely to visit flood-hit areas
  • Flood damage estimated at Rs. 11,000 crores
  • Chief Minister writes letter to Manmohan

    Dhawaleswaram: After crossing the danger mark on Sunday, Godavari flood level at Dhawaleswaram on Monday touched 22.80 feet and is expected to rise another half a feet in the night.

    According to flood conservator Murali, the situation will be alarming if the rain in Maharashtra continues and water level at Bhadrachalam increases further. "We don't think that we will cross the most dangerous level of 23.75 feet mark which was recorded in 1986. But this time the floodwater surpassed the record of 1990 during which the level was 22.75 feet."

    He said that they were expecting water level to come down by Tuesday evening. Officials were discharging 28.50 lakh cusecs water into the sea.

    Mr. Murali agreed that there was a possibility of a small breach at Dhawaleswaram if the water level increased by another 3 feet. Water was oozing in houses along the riverbed, which is a common phenomenon.

    Manmohan vows help

    Hyderabad Special Correspondent writes: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has promised to extend a helping hand to the State in the aftermaths of the floods. Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy kept the Prime Minister posted with the latest details of the flood situation in the State. He quoted the Prime Minister as saying that Central assistance would be released after submission of a report on the damage. A preliminary report said the floods affected 16 districts, killing 100 persons, damaging crops over 3.69 lakh acres and 66,000 houses, fully or partially, and rendering 3.1 lakh families homeless.

    YSR briefs AICC chief

    Meanwhile, AICC president Sonia Gandhi is likely to visit the flood-ravaged areas either on August 9 or 10. She reportedly indicated her plans when the Chief Minister briefed her on the flood situation on Monday.

    The Chief Minister also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh requesting him to treat the flood damage as a national calamity and extend generous financial assistance from the Centre for relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

    The Government, in its pre estimate, put the damage caused to crops and properties at over Rs. 11,000 crores.