Madanapalle: The GMR Polytechnic students of Madanapalle conducted a rasto roko and surrounded the RDO office condemning the Government’s “negligence” in solving the long pending problems here on Thursday.

Many vehicles were stopped for nearly an hour on the Madanapalle-Chennai road in front of the Sub Collector’s office. The SFI also supported their cause.

The main problems cited by the students are: out of the seven lecturers needed for each branch there are only two or three; many students failed in the exam as there are no drawing boards; although the SEEP syllabus has been changed text books and mini draft calculators have not been given for the last two years; the laboratory for newly introduced subjects has no lab equipment and there is no drinking water as the pumpset in the institution has not been repaired for the past one year.

The students boycotted even taking their meal at the hostel.