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TDP members stage walkout alleging foul play

GUNTUR: The formal election of the co-opted members to the Guntur Municipal Corporation was completed on Thursday amidst the boycott of the proceedings by the members belonging to the Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

The meeting was put-off twice earlier as the senior Congress leaders wanted their own men to be elected. As a result, there was a lack of quorum in the house. Finally, the election took place as the leaders could finally come to a consensus on the candidates.

Heated debate

As soon as Mayor Kanna Nagaraju started the proceedings at 11 a.m., TDP members blamed the authorities for including the name of a deceased candidate M.D.Hussain Khan, in the agenda and found fault with them for not informing the same to the house.

Within minutes, members from the TDP and the ruling Congress party were engaged in a verbal duel. The TDP members rushed to the Mayor's podium and demanded that fresh applications be invited from interested candidates for the co-opted posts.

Chaos reigned supreme for a while as a Congress member found fault with the TDP for indulging in `politics over dead bodies.' The TDP members retorted that it was under Congress rule that many of their leaders were targeted and killed in cold blood. Mayor Kanna Nagaraju adjourned the house for an hour. When the members met again at 12 noon, TDP members staged a walk-out while the Congress members proposed the names of Abdul Razzak, P.Ameena, and M.V.Muthyala Rao, all former corporators. The Mayor declared them elected unanimously amidst cheers from the followers of the three leaders who were present in the visitors' gallery.

In the afternoon session, two candidates belonging to the minority communities, James Babu and Naushad Begum were declared elected unanimously.